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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  October 12, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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begin at more u.s. airports and eagles play the giants tonight prime time pig skin can could shake up the nfc east and bundle up temperatures hovering in the 30s and 40s. oids to meteorologist chris sowers for the accuweather details, good morning, chris. >> good morning, nydia. it's chilly. forget about the second cup of coffee take a step out for a couple minutes i'm sure there will take a look at numbers. 32 right now in freezing mark. poconos, and quakertown 39, 39 votesville and kenit square 40 and chester 43. ina cross the pine barrens upper 30s and 40s and hammonton 4 2. buena 44. cinnaminson 43, smyrna 45 and wood pain 37. yesterday it's off the coast and
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few we see high pressure takeover, over the next 4 hours. it's proptions to be fiser looking day, sunshine, few, high, thin clouds throughout the afternoon and morning planner looks like this matchy fog. we're not seeing a lot. if you written into some of this be mind full you could encounter rapidly changing visibility. mostly sunny. 56. and by 10:00 this morning. future tracker 6 we'll travel a little further south. we're into the klooip s right now. this is the next system year watching and that gets in here as early as tomorrow morning. more showers and maybe a rumble of thunder in the forecast than is the first of several chances of rain in that 7 day forecast which i'll detail for you when i step back inside in just a bit. nydia. >> chris, thank you. >> we have breaking news from dallas, texas. a second case of the ebola virus this time the patient is a
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healthcare worker. she cared for ebola victim thomas eric dunkin at the hospital. >> he say the worker developed a fever mop night and was delivered and tested. >> robots have become a front line in detecting the virus. at jfk first of five major u.s. airports to come on board and new extensive screening getting there this morning all passenger as living from those countries at the epicenter of ebola outbreak now checked for fever and asked if they had "any patients there. overseas a cdc says 100% of travelers leaving those countries are screened on exits. >> fever no, headache no, vmenting no. >> over the past two months with more than 36 thoys no ebola
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has been found. >> considerate dc admitting this scream would not have picked up on thomas eric junk in. he returned eventually dying from the disease there. >> eric did not know he had ebola when he came to america. and as he stated to louis i would have preferred to stay in liberia and die than to come here and put the love of my life and only child through this. >> in liberia u.s. troops now on the groundwork around the clock pulleding a 25 ped hospital from healthcare workers from ebola isolation units throughout the country. marines there too. they very their temperature -- oui lapse quandle man showing slight improvement. associated police state of the
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union of until energy is putting his crew under warantee after app isolation agreements with breached. "abc news" new york. >> new morning, from fairfield township, new jersey, state police say a single vehicle accident city beingly injured two people and send a third to the hospital. the action cam was on the screen commerce and wald ebb drive. the vehicle around the bus shelter here 3:00 this morning then slammed into a tree. three people were thrown from the vehicle. city iingly injured were thrown by medical. >> to young men hit by a car in delaware around 1:00 mill up to road new castle county. police say those men were walking on the shoulder of the road when the driver of nissan altima swerved and hit them. both were taken to christianne hospital. one is in critical condition and the other is in stable condition and police have arrested the driver and not jetta noupsed any
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charges. >> investigators in gloucester ntsy are trying to find out what sarkd a factory fire. the fire broke out last night seriously damming old mars graphics building in west field and the building is abandoned and firefighters expect to let it burn itself out. no injuries reported. >> we're counting down to kickoff. eagles take on the giants tonight in huge show down in nfc east. and the giants are right behind 3-2. look what happens in the eagles lose and cowboys win. >> behind. >> eagles are safering for a slice of whips they know have not been the shoojest. >> i want to continue to play bitter bit better we're 4-1. >> we're quinning got ball grimes do we is to impoof. definitelych that will be the story throughout the entire year that we can always geteter
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there's. >> everybody that plays with us is a iing for 4-1. it speaks to the mark her within the films there up. >> the past ten meeting again the g men more on the match-up ahead in sports and join our conversation about the game. go on twitter and use the hash tag 6abc eagles and the "action news" family and you talking all things birds. 7:06 now anti-bullying rally planned for tonight across the new jersey high school center of football hazing scandal. several players facing serious charges. the memorial war hospital in middlesex county several players accused of aggravated sexual assaultch the alleged victim have are fellow players. and the head coach is not accused of any wrong doing he
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said yesterday that now is not the time to address the allegations. the team's football season is cancelled. >> hundreds of people marched through the streets of st. louis last night and they were continuing the weekend protests over the police shooting death of michael brown. last night's protest was peaceful between the marchers and police and a crowd of 3,000 gaeshlinged in st. louis saturday afternoon. and it's part of four daypro test called furgeson october. organizeers say they want to change the way police look at and treat minorities. >> this is not going to change overnight this is not the end it's the beginning. once we protest we have to vote. once we vote we have to continue to organize communities and educate people we can replace the em. >> they're planning a lot monday.
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organizeers expected to lead to widespread arrest. good morning america will have more on the ebola case after this newscast. there's more to come on "action news" support morning cellphone video captured paerm during an emergency landing. >> a year an a half ago flames con soomd a philadelphia building killing a firefighter. this morning a new honor for his building killing a firefighter. this morning a new honor for his service and sacrifice. and stolen dog reunited with grateful owner. how chichi ended up in share salon and how salon owner cracked the case chris. >> pretty nice warm-up in store for us this week coming at a cost. several chances of rain and maybe a thunderstorm in that 7 day forecast. i'll have it for you when we day forecast. i'll have it for you when we come chichi which i which i
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>> welcome back, sunday, 7:10 looking at cape may, new jersey, milder at the shore, 50 at the shore. thanks to the ocean influence. >> very good. >> thank you. >> i had a lesson right before this. >> that's one of the benefits of being near the watt they are time of year. everyone else is really starting to chill out. the ocean is nice and warm and that means the coast is warm. much warmer rather to head down here. here's the view on sky6. that's the view peps landing. seeing the "spirit of philadelphia" there. it's a quiet tranquil morning in the delaware valley lot better than this time yesterday. temperature plum eliminated. some locations down below freezing now. philadelphia milder in the city and well north and west you are really starting to fall dew point 40 and wind out of the north at 8 miles an hour pressure reading 4.25" and 2 now in poconos, allentown 35.
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reading 3. lancaster 40. trenton 403 and millville 44. it's usual areas that tend to get cold they are time of year and that's starting to feel the chill now. we're seeing patchy frost this part of the suing area and frost advisory remains in effect for the poconos 8:00 this morning and as the sun continues to climb temperatures start to rebound here. up into the 50s and 60s later and will feel beater. allentown viz ability issue down to three miles. three tenths in reading. just rebounded up to a mile. everybody is doing all right there. could run into patchy fog the next hour or owe two. otherwise mostly sunny. nice day, high pressure. you can not see it here. it's sitting over buffalo to the northwest and that continues to push on buy east ward and provides us with nice day. wind shift out of the northeast and that will help to clear us out and later this afternoon, this system right here will get butter organized and travel north to great lake states. it will bring a warm front that
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will slide through that will increase the clouds overnight tonight and showers start to stream back in unfortunately. looks like wet weather is in the forecast today. payee want to up date this to you maybe the surf ep haps a bit but fay will push east, northeast, well off to sea. it's bermuda sitting there over top of bermuda we'll see issue from fay. winds 70 piles an hour. surface maps our neck of the woods look like that. here is warm front and the low fulling northeast today is nice looking day and tom opposite. shades of gray once again and showers possible especially west of city. and nothing to terribly heavy. just kind of enough to make it kind of murky out there ten. here's monday afternoon. 1:00, showers norm and west. cloudy skies south and east.
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that is really the way the whole day plays out. monday night cloudy skies and then tuesday same thing lots of clouds in the morning hours and pain a little patchy drizzle and by afternoon combination of sun and clouds before the next system rolls on in here again by wednesday. allentown, lehigh valley, today, sun and clouds, please ebts, 63 the forecasted high up there and for jersey shore there's a lot of sunshine and clouds mixed in later on milder high of 64 and for philadelphia yesterday we topped out only 57 degrees. today is a little better and below average 64. patchy early morning fog and sun and clouds. winds south east 5 to 10 over flight tonight cloudy and not as cold as this morning, 44 and 52 for sent her city, the accuweather forecast shows wet weather in the days to come. stray shower possible. especially west of city. tuesday we get a break. it's milder with sunshine by afternoon. 77. wednesday, cloudy skies, showers
7:15 am
possible once again. that turns into a stayed jury, soaking rain wednesday night to nurse. thursday periods of rain. friday morning clouds hopefully giving way to arch sun. we get into saturday and start next weekend on brighter notes and mostly sunny high of 70. >> it will be warmer. >> yes, it will. >> don't forget to take the new with you wherever you go it changes layout to include any device no matter how small or large the screen. check it out by visiting any time, any where. >> not just one but two emergency landings for u.s. airway flights at charlotte this weekend and take a look at cellphone video taken inside a slight from philadelphia to la guardia. they were force 20d drop 30,000 people to --
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>> the mravks dropped down but everybody was amazingly calm. everybody did what you were supposed to do. >> remain calm. 45 minutes later another flight made an emergency landing and u.s. airways says regional flight from greensboro had hydraulics issue we'll be right flight from greensboro had hydraulics issue we'll be right back ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. be quiet. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. head for the cemetery!
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in the leg while sitting in the passenger seat. police notice aid blood trail leading to nearby home. they found a man there mopping blood he's being questioned by police. the teen is hospitalized in stable condition. entrovirus d 68 has taken
7:19 am
life of 21-month-old girl in michigan. last week a boy from hamilton, new jersey, 4-year-old eli waller died of entrovirus d 68. cdc says five people infected by virus died. so far 691 people in 46 states and washington d.c. were diagnosed and most patients are children. in "healthcheck" doctors think they discovered why lung cancer is so hard to stopch the first cancer cells can lie dormant up to 20 years. when the cells do begin rapid growth they develop into several genetic types so. one drug or treatment republicanle regiment won't kill them all and, doctors found smoking causes many early changes and they say it's important to find the cancer as early as possible. in center city brides to be were able to turn their upcoming weddings into events that help other women. rise against breast cancer and
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gives women opportunity get amazing wedding dresses and contribute to a great cause at the same time nora muchanic takes us there. >> i just got my doctorate and just got my dress. >> tears of joy screamed down margie robert's face the woman recently earned ph.d. in business and making deals. she paid half price for the wedding gown she picked out. >> i tried open maybe four or five. that was it. >> this one? >> this is it. >> i knew. >> i knew. >> marjorie was one of many brides to be who came to sinesta hotel brides against breast cancer. doe fated new or gently used gowns and marked down 25 to 85% proceeds from the sale go to support women from breast cancer. >> we have them our family survivors of breast cancer. it's a pay it forward type of thing. wonderful.
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>> you can go anywhere and spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a dress to be able to on wedding day contribute to a cause like this it's the right things to do for me. >> two million was raised from last year's national tour that goes to -- we're to raise as much as we can to help not only cancer patient, but children, caregivers, family members. >> it's fruit full the way it fit and makes me feel it talked to me and said get me. >> so many aisles of sat inand lace brides against breast cancer is saying yes to the dress and helping a good cause. >> i figured if i spend a lot of money on dress i might as well make that money do good if i can. i'm happy with this. i lo of this. this is great. >> in center city, nora muchanic, "channel 6 action muchanic, "channel 6 action news."
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welcome back, 7:24 sunday morning here's a look at the day planner. looks better than yesterday. high, thin clouds and temperatures on the cooler side. only shooting for high of 64 degrees. phenomenally we shew be close to 70. it's another day below average and the reason is high pressure from canada in control. this is look at wind stream map. i don't know if you can see. winds out of north blowing in all directions here. that's where canadian high isit sitting. because it's sitting north ever tar on toe we'll continue to see northerly breeze this afternoon. watch what happens as we get to monday afternoon. wind shift more out of
7:25 am
northwest. warm front here mild to the south and chilly up here in new england. the warm front will blast through and push northeast ward and this is what it does to temperatures. cooler side today. really warms up as we get to tuesday and wednesday. both days will flirt with 80. nydia. >> thank you. sports now san francisco giants won opener of national league championship series. the giants baffled cards all night and shut him out. bullpen closed 3-0 win. mow owe's other baseball team had a great night. they won 6-4 and alcs. >> eagles miss torquely have eli mapping number and they hope they hand him another loss at the linc, jeff skversky has hor on that. >> there's animated cartoon of
7:26 am
eli manning crying because he's scared of eagles defense. yup, it's giant's week that means one thing. trash talking is amped up. can you wake for kickoff at the linc. giants, eagles what a match-up. there is tom coklin and eli manning arriving in enemy territory. eagles hope to spend them back home tonight. they have worst more than any other team in nfl. how do you feet him. you hit him. >> i was great quarterback you can not give him nothing you know has a good. much more on eagles later this morning on eagles game day kickoff at 11:0 with ducis rogers and mike quick. for the third straight year the flyers have zero wins, three
7:27 am
games into the season. yeah, it is not pretty so far. things are not getting any easier for orange and block their next 7 games are all against playoff teams from a year ago. wane simmonds looking sharp to so far last night against montreal. less than 4 minute in the first -- let in a minute into the second tops. >> the flyers have a meltdown on the ice. they give up three goals in 7 1/2 minute span. alex beats emery we're tied at 3. you don't like this. game goes to shootout. paparento beats emery. flyers lose 4-3 they're looking for whip number one. >> they took it to us and i they we suspect that team we know
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>> a worker working with dunkin now has the he we'll be virus. they're providing further tests to confirm the initial test results f confirmed this would be first known case contracted on transmitted in u.s.. we have been following developments in ongoing ebola outbreak open we'll continue to follow the story there and bring you any updates. you can find resources and more information about the ebola virus. it's now 7:30 let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. chilly out there. >> yeah i would like to be inside right now. it's chilly sunday out here. 32 in poconos. they're freezing, patchy fog developing in outlying suburbs which is a little ahead of
7:31 am
schedule. normally first frost norm and west between october 20 and 31. again little ahead of schedule and certainly not unusual. 36 in allentown and reading 37 and lancaster 40 millville 44 and dover 46 and little better right there on the coast sea isle city 49 and boardwalk in atlantic city also showing 49. here's satellite 6 and action radar and looks better than yesterday at this time. that's all thanks to high pressure skirting on buy north. it's driving that u.s. canadian border and winds shifting north, northeast that provides us with nice looking day. lots of sunshine. few high, thin clouds time to time and that's about it. call from accuweather more mostly sunny skies and clouds later on. nice, pleasant, milder, we only topped out at 57 and today we're up to 64 degrees. which is below average. a lot better than yesterday's chilly weather and if are you heading to lincoln if many field
7:32 am
the eagles taking on giants no weather issues for this other than the fact there's a fall chill in the air. 56 by kickoff and down to 52 by 4th quarter. that's a quick check of the forecast for few. i'll be along in a few minutes with extended accuweather 7-day mid nydia. >> chris thank you the action cam was at millville in new jersey where hazmat teams responded to chemical leak. alarms went off at the plant 4:00 this morning and when crews arrived they found elevated level of chlorine. they're in the source of trying to find the liquid chlorine leak and no report of injuries or evacuations. a dog has now been reunited with her owner. pooch was dog napped several months ago and thanks to sharp eyed "action news" viewer chichi and her owner are together again. kenneth moton has the story. >> chichi's owner is thanking
7:33 am
central detectives, "action news" and good samaritan who lost a lot of money. >> this little one is "regan 2.0" [ inaudible ] and i going home with henery collins who pouingt it off a student. >> he says he was leaving for semester and couldn't take the dog home. >> that was couple months ago. fast forward tuesday that's when colin saw "action news" report about thieves who stole electrics and 4-year-old dog from girard avenue home. police were family able to release surveillance of the suspect from july 0 burglary. dog's name chisba, aka chichi. >> we did an experiment i called her and she wept whoop. >> dog gone it, we have a match. >> when he sent me the video i
7:34 am
was like that is my god. >> ten times after she was kidnapped she was back in her owner's arms. >> i am happy we were able to get her back. >> it was not a hard decision to make about returning the doing. >> collins paid 55 0 for chichi and said his 3-year-old son will be devastated but she plans to give him sxraed. that was his main priority aside from everything else you know? so it was good. police are looking for tips on those burglars. in a strange coincidence chichi's owner was in that north philadelphia salon a couple weeks ago. but that day, chichi was not there. reporting outside central detectives in spring garden ken, "channel 6 action news." >> happening today a local fallen fire fighter is honored
7:35 am
at national memorial. michael goodwin died while battling a fire in queen village april 2013. today he'll be one of 103 to be honored at 2014 national players memorial service in allentown. it's annual tribute to those who lost lives in the line of duty. >> two local super mark receipt shutting down and they will close by november 13. about 130 employees will lose their ybz and acme officials. >> developing over nights des spits u.s. led air strikes this is isis video of training sessions. iraqi officials believe 10,000 isis militants are on attack. isis forces within a few miles of baghdad main naerpts suburbs
7:36 am
of iraqi capital. mill trants toormd should to air missiles with 20 mile range and could threaten planes in and out of the airport. they're credited for several recent car bombings. iraqi troops around the capital and gee it militant can keep him iraqi troops around the capital and gee it militant can keep him moving into ebola ep dimic is hitting close to home. they're united to offer aid for the people of liberia. nora muchanic was in mt. airy for the mission of giving. >> they worked in shifts at enon tabernacle church collecting and sorting through bags and boxes and medical supplies and canned food all this zest ins for liberia. >> they need the basics fundamental things doing our best level fwoingt get supplies to them as quickly as possible
7:37 am
the most pressing issue on this earth now from our position is ebola crisis. >> the care in which ebola victims are getting in africa, it's so substandard to that which we are receiving here in america. >> with ebola cases rapidly multiflying working to provide supplies to liberia is crucial to lisa hopkins who was directly afeblingts sfwld we're volunteering on behalf of family i have in monrovia and we lost an uncle hans buchanan, from the ebola outbreak. >> even young david freeman understands the need. >> enon has a relationship with a school in liberia. >> we hope we can get help halting spread of ebola in lie
7:38 am
beer qua and surrounding area. >> all of it will be shipped and districted to those who need it. i'm nora muchanic, "channel 6 action news". >> a rivalry resumes tonight in south philadelphia and the new york giants are in enemy territory for tussle with the eagles. as you might expect a few new yorkers will be at the link for the prime time match-up and eagles secondary faces tough task against improved gin's offense. we'll see. >> kickoff 8:30 eagles off next week. >> it's now 7:38 more to come on "action news" for sunday. read all about it. the award winning musical is coming to philadelphia. 6abc loves the arts has a presue and sky6 h testimony looking live at sunriseing over camden. beautiful shot. there meteorologist chris sowers is back next with the exclusive accuweather forecast. hey we want to remind you to go to facebook and like the 6abc
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>> happening today philadelphia annual columbus day parade. parade celebrating culture can be seen here 6abc beginning broad and moore streets this afternoon. the parade makes way to oregon avenue. alicia vitareli anchors coverage of the parade starting 1 after "action news" at noon. columbus day festival is going on at the marcony plaza 10 to 6 today. >> yesterday is dreary and today is better. we have more sun today than all of yesterday. there's the view in atlantic city and it is beautiful. now it's chilly out there and at least we're seeing a lot of sin shine and sun helps to warm things up a little. yesterday we topped out 57. today mid 60s. we'll do better. 47 in philadelphia, again chilly. dew point 40. winds north 8 miles an hour pressure reading climbing a little to 30.25". 30s north and west, 40s south and east. actually on the coast you're
7:43 am
close to 50 because the ocean temperature is in the 60s. everybody else well below average. patchy frost developing in the lehigh valley and poconos where temperatures are 12 to 13 colder than yesterday at this time. same things for atlantic city, millville 9 and philadelphia 6. cold are out there. it's helping to enhance the color if you will here. fall foliage seeing low color. not too much right now in the immediate delaware valley. you don't have to go far north to get into the lehigh valley and moderate color taking place and catskills, upstate new york, newburg, poughkeepsie and newburg all close to peak. maybe travel three hours north and you can actually see pretty good color out there today and sunshine and looks nice as we look at satellite and radar composite. again not much going on high pressure in control today. high pressure system east. over my shoulder here and out to sea. we won't be daeling dealing with
7:44 am
that today. high pressure over buffalo and that is the good guy. milder temperatures and sun. kind of clearly see why dividing line s colder than north. milder stuff developing south and milder temperatures surge to north over the next 48 hours or so as a warm front lifts through. cooler side of the warm front now and we begin monday and that warm front knocking open the door bringing showers to the area and once this clears and pushes up to new england tuesday is much nicer looking day sunshine and milder temperatures. couple locations that get pretty close to 80 by tuesday and wednesday. future tracker 6 in the meantime paerm of that front brings along cloud again and well west of city monday is a quiet day. monday arch and night and tuesday and cloudy skies out there. tuesday afternoon clouds lift with the front and we'll see more in the way of sun and milder temperatures. forecast for today quiet finish
7:45 am
to the weekend. patchy fog. a lot burned off. sun and clouds 54. whipped southeast 5 to 10 miles an hour and overnight tonight dhil chilly not as bad as yesterday. cloudy and dmup low 30s now. this is better. 52 for forer city and wind southeast 5 to 10 and the exclusive accuweather forecast shows chances of rain the next couple days. stray shower possible tomorrow. 68. don't cancel plans this is not a washout. stray showers especially west of city. we get into tuesday. warmer, sunshine, 77. south of city some areas probably close to 80. wednesday same thing we'll see more in the way of clouds in a couple showers. wednesday night periods of rain. same deal thursday, 70. friday, sun and clouds 7. we get into saturday not bad mostly sunny and comfortable conditions high of 70 and 70
7:46 am
normal is 66. that's again above arm. really only a couple of days this week look bad but today looks nice. >> all right. thank you, chris. first lady michelle obama is coming to philadelphia to try to sway the vote in the final weeks for pa's next governor for tom wolff. the event will be held dornly emmanuel recreation september are monday and he takes on tom corbett at the polls on november 4. >> more than a year after her son's murderner point breeze a mother is searching for answers and hopes you can help with the right information. there's a reward. here's rick williams with this morning's "crime fighters" report. >> he was a happy, outgoing young man and had his whole life ahead of him. >> 5-year-old carl burgess had just gotten off work and headed to home in philadelphia point
7:47 am
breeze section. >> and went to his grandmother when he live 1500 block of ginko. >> he decided to take a walk with his oldest daughter. she went tie neighbor's house and shortly after police were called for double shooting. burg es and another manp were found suffering from multiple gunshot woyndz. burgess tied and according to mermes's mother was not helpful to investigators. >> no one has come forming yet. so it's like we're wack to square one. the city of philadelphia is offering 20,000 for information that lead to arrest and conviction of the person responsible. al you have to do is call citizens crime commission tip like at 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> it makes me feel angry. you know? it's like it changed my whole life. it's like i'm not happy anymore.
7:48 am
we have no closure all we want is closure. we want to know what happened. >> for "crime fighters" s rick williams "chan
7:49 am
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>> david murphy has details in this week's 6abc loves the arts. newsyes is based on the film by the same name inspired by newspaper boy strike at the turn ever century that helped change child labor laws in new york city. newsies popped and was extended for full two years. musical is now hitting road with philadelphia the first stop on north american tour. >> mess kailash satyrathi great music is great and dance is great and spirit of show is fantastic. >> david versus goliath is rag
7:51 am
tag group of news boys many home les. >> he decides to raise the price to buy the papers. >> one of the news boys rallies the troops and protests creating first news boy union in the nation and they went out on strike. >> this one young man was able to bring thoyss of kids to petition against this huge empire and when they won it was fantastic. expanding together fight are for what you believe in. >> both hugh sickal score and/orography earned tony awards. >> what they do is amadeing and they can flip over pack wards on a dime. >> it's the best i've seen in decades the show is a beast. it's a disney theatrical beast. >> newsyes academy of music starting november 28. for tickets and show times go to the narcotics or
7:52 am
visit the arts for this and other area events. p i'm david murphy. a father walked daughter down the aisle in iowa. what's so remarkable this about this moment the bride has not walked in 6 years. gina was paralyzed in a car accidents. she showed up in wheelchair for big day. but then stunned all of her guests with unforgettable surprise. after months of therapy with dad the former athlete stands and walks with him side by side. then exchanges vows on her two feet even though she cannot feel her legs. >> gina marie you are my best friend. >> love of my life. >> love of my life. >> i look tat i may be having a bad day but i'm having a day i'm here and able toy have the day this walk down the aisle may not be what i always envisioned it would be bought we're having a
7:53 am
walk down the aisle and it's happening [ cheers ]. >> as you can imagine and hear there were big cheers as her now husband john then swept her off her feet. (barking...)
7:54 am
(meowing... & more barking) this is just too good to keep quiet!
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petsmart's low prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food, and now save up to $8 on select natural and specialized nutrition for cats. at petsmart®. >> nice sunday, sun today. >> sunshine out there this morning. it's chilly. you need something with sleeves. temperatures moderate up to 64. lots of sunshine throughout the day. high, thin clouds over spreading area later on. eagles taking on giants lincoln financial field. night game. 8:3030 quick-off and 4th quarter 52. partly cloudy skies and no weather issues for the gamech the exclusive accuweather 7-day
7:56 am
forecast changes next week and several changes of rain first arrives tomorrow stray shower not a wash and wednesday night to thursday periods of rain and some of it could be heavy. >> all right. chris, thank you. it is now 7:56 a news conference scheduled for half hour from now to address new ebola case in texas. "good morning america" is on top of the story. >> hi nydia "good morning america" on gma breaking news another care of ebola here in the united states as dallas healthcare worker that treated late thomas eric dunkin tested positive we'll have the lightet to. >> 23 in maine after haupted hey ride takes a dangerous turn and how it went wrong and dan harris behind the scenes look at walking dead you know the hit show how the cast of the show is transformed into terrifying zombies. all coming up on gma this sunday
7:57 am
morning. >> can't wait paula thank you. "good morning america" weekend is next. "action news" continues later this morning. here are the stories we're working on for you. we'll have the latest information open second confirmed case of ebola here in the u.s.. plus we'll take you to southern museum where unusual taste test might make you squirm. and now for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team i'm nydia han have a great sunday and we'll see you news" team i'm nydia han have a great sunday and we'll see you at 9 a.m.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, a new case of ebola in america. a dallas hospital worker who cared for patient thomas eric duncan has tested positive for the ebola virus. if confirmed, this would be the first case transmitted in the united states. dr. besser joins us live. halloween hayride gone horribly wrong. [ sirens ] nearly two dozen hurt when their wagon overturns. riders tossed like rag dolls, helicopters airlifting the most seriously injured to the hospital. how did this happen? security breach caught on camera. a scary scene when a mysterious man makes like a ninja turtle popping up out of a subway grate and hurling a smoke bomb at a crowded restaurant. how did he gain access to the new york subway tunnel?